Bigfoot in Thailand

The Ultimate Expedition

One of the only known photos of what is believed to be Orang Pendek (circled) walking into the jungle near the Khao Sok National Park

Legendary Bigfoot Hunter Tom Biscardi will lead this once-in-a-lifetime expedition into Thailand to uncover evidence of Southeast Asia’s mysterious beast known as Orang Pendek

Join renowned Bigfoot researcher C. Thomas Biscardi in an effort that will finally uncover proof of the legendary Bigfoot-like creature known as Orang Pendek in a country of believers.

Biscardi will spearhead the expedition, along with two of his long-time team members: Robert “The Swede” Holmberg, a tracker, hunter, and survivalist will be in charge of the field crew, along with Chris Contrearas, an experienced researcher, archivist and information extractor.

In addition to Biscardi and his team, Buddhist Monk “Att” will be part of the expedition leadership team, drawing on his in-country contacts and cultural knowledge vital to gaining access to lands and people linked with Bigfoot sightings.


The first recorded reports of Bigfoot in Thailand date back to the 16th century, when residents in the remote jungles spoke of “live hairy men as tall as 3 meters.” Since the 1920s, thousands of sightings have been logged and a dozen scientific expeditions have been carried out since the mid-1970s. In 2005 a group of journalists traveled to many parts of Taiwan and southeast Asia to search for “10 foot tall giant man apes.” All of this activity produced no tangible evidence.

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